What is Funtronic?

Funtronic is an interactive projection system, which can be used on various surfaces including floors, tables and even walls. Funtronic projects collaborative multimedia content and allows participants to interact with the surface using their hands, feet and other objects, such as toys and gym equipment. Completely self-contained and supplied with an easy to install ceiling bracket for self-installation or purchase our professional installation service, Funtronic is an extremely cost effective interactive floor solution.

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What is Funtronic?

A versatile interactive solution with a multitude of fun, intriguing and stimulating activities. Suitable for a variety of areas from kids clubs and play areas to care homes, schools and sensory/immersive rooms.

The Funtronic software packages boast an abundance of uniquely designed games and challenges to ensure participants are always engaged. Whether you are looking for an interactive floor for entertainment or education, Funtronic is a great tool for relaxation, enjoyment, learning and of course fun!

Osborne Technologies are the UK distributor for Funtronic interactive floors.

Fun Times Ahead.

Children of today expect technology to be at the heart of entertainment and Funtronic puts it right there in a fun and fascinating way. Funtronic creates amodern children's attraction and givesyour organisation the competitive edge

Add the latest interactive experience to your attraction, play area or party zone. Simple to install and easy to use, Funtronic can be added to most existing spaces, transforming conventional childrens areas into fun, entertaining and healthy interactive zones.

Therapeutic, Sensory, Exploration.

Create interactive sensory experiences for children and adults with special education needs. Add to existing spaces or sensory rooms quickly and easily or incorporate into the design of new immersive spaces to create magical interactive environments.

Easy to use, fast and responsive, Funtronic reacts instantly to the movement of people or objects over the surface creating a wide range of visual effects such as water ripples, reveals and trails. Funtronic encourages movement and interaction, whilst aiding communication and social skills with a wide range of sensory activities and games.

Designed to be as versatile as possible, Funtronic can be used on most surfaces including floors, tables and even walls

Care & Wellbeing.

Encouraging movement and exercise, whilst maintaining mental acuity, Funtronic is an enjoyable way to keep people active and engaged with friends, relatives and carers.

Bringing outside activities and new experiences into community centres, hospitals and residential care homes, the Senior package helps to stimulate memory, improve focus and cognitive ability, whilst promoting social interaction and enjoyment.

Suitable for people with different levels of mobility, Funtronic allows people to interact standing or from a seated position such as wheel chairs and as there is no technology on the floor itself, no tripping hazard is present.

Educate The Modern Way.

Research shows that children learn and retain knowledge better when they are both active and having fun. Funtronic makes learning fun and keeps children active at the same time.

Perfect for nurseries, children centres and early years/primary schools, the education package provides a wide range of activities, which promote kinaesthetic learning in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Ready to play games and activities cover literacy, numeracy and other early years development. The entertaining nature of Funtronic allows it to be used as a reward, plenary activity or even for healthy activities during indoor play.

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